Are there any parking bans in Portland?
* Any truck or other motor vehicle in excess of 1 1/2 ton net carrying capacity may not park overnight on any public street (Section 21-10, Code of Ordinances)

* Any truck or other motor vehicle in excess of 1 1/2 ton net carrying capacity that is parked for the purpose of loading or unloading, may not park remain parked for a time exceeding 12 hours. (Section 21-9, Code of Ordinances)

* No motor vehicle, truck or trailer containing any quantity of explosive, flammable, corrosive, oxidizing, compressed or poisonous material shall park on any public or private property in Portland. (Section 21-50, Code of Ordinances)

* Yard Parking - Vehicles may not be parked in front yards. Parking is permitted only on an improved surface (concrete, asphalt or approved pavers) (Section 21-80, Code of Ordinances)

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