My pet was bitten by another animal, what should I do?
If your pet is bitten by a wild animal: * Take your pet to a veterinarian immediately. * If the attacker is at high risk for rabies, such as a raccoon, skunk, fox, or bat, handle your pet with gloves and wash any area which may have saliva from the attacker on it. Because an attack can last seconds or more, saliva from the attacker can be deposited all over you pet. * Keep children away from the pet. * These instructions apply whether or not your pet is vaccinated. * To prevent your pet from being bitten by another animal, keep pets under control at all times and in the house at night. * You can prevent children from being bitten by: keeping them away from dogs or cats that are eating anything; keeping them away from any strange animals; keeping them away from sick or injured animals; not allowing them to take a toy or ball away from an animal that is playing with it. * By law, animal bites to humans and pets must be reported to the animal control authority at (361) 777-4444.

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