COVID-19 Case Counts in the Area

Sept. 11
Total to Date
Confirmed cases      12        1286
Deaths       0          63
Recoveries      45        1273
NUECES Reported
Sept. 11
Total to Date
Confirmed cases        48      19557
Deaths         2        385
Recoveries         0      16204
PORTLAND                             As of Sept. 10
Cases being monitored*         11
Active Cases September 11
San Patricio County           111
Nueces County          2968

*The Portland case load is complied from several sources. The information above is updated as the information becomes available. 

Testing for COVID-19 Available
Call the Texas Department of Human and Health Services (DHSH) for available testing centers near you by dialing 2-1-1.
You can also contact DHSH by email
For more information, please visit

State of Texas & National Guard’s Mobile Testing information
If you were tested at the Mobile Testing site by the State of Texas & National Guard in late June, the test results have not been reported to the San Patricio County Health Department, yet. 

The State of Texas & National Guard should call you directly with your test results. You can also check on your test results by visiting

San Patricio County resources

San Patricio County Department
of Health Call Center

Clara Rieder with the Public Health
Emergency Preparedness Office

Dr. James Mobley with the Health
Authority of San Patricio County