Financial Transparency

The City of Portland maintains high standards in both transparency and accountability. The following links provide financial information that satisfies those standards.

Budgets - The Adopted Budget is done annually and takes several months of preparation. The Budget is the financial guiding tool that helps match limited resources with needs identified by the citizens of Portland.

City of Portland Budgets

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Annual Financial Reports - The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report provides a year-end re-count of the City's business transactions and other related financial information. An external auditor is engaged to perform an annual audit in which they review financial information, perform tests on internal controls, and provide comment.

City of Portland Annual Reports

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Additional Information and Helpful Links

Purchasing & Accounts Payable


Financial Dashboard

Public Information Request

FY 14 Quarterly Investment Reports

FY 15 Investment Reports

City of Portland Check Registers

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FY 2013 Check Register

FY 2014 Check Register

FY 2015 Check Register

Council Overview

Portland operates under the council / manager form of municipal government. With this structure, the City Council and Mayor are elected by the citizens, and the City Council and Mayor hire a professional administrator, known as the city manager, to execute council policy and manage the day-to-day operations of the city.

City Council Information

The Portland City Council is comprised of seven members. They include: