Water Leaks

You can use your water meter to identify a water leak. If you are not using any water in your home and you meter dial is spinning you have a leak.

Checking for a Leak at the Water Meter

When you open the water meter box, the meter should be in the center of the box in a level position. On occasion, you will find the meter tilted slightly. It still works fine, but it is harder to read the odometer.

If water is in the meter box, it does not mean that you have a leak in your water line. It usually comes from ground moisture due to rain or sprinkler systems. To be sure, you should dip the water out of the box. You may have to do this several times due to ground saturation.

If you notice water spewing from the meter or the meter connections (the nuts and bolts that connect the meter to the cut-off valve or your water line) call Utility Operations for repairs at 361.777.2943. If you notice a leak on the line that goes to your house, call a plumber.

Checking for a Leak Beyond the Water Meter

If no leak is detected in the meter box, your next step is to look at the water meter register. You may have to wipe the register face off with a wet towel to see the entire meter face. Do not tamper with the electronic meter reading device. Dirt usually settles on the meter from month to month due to rain, irrigation and other moisture getting into the meter box.

Read on about checking for a leak beyond the water meter (link).