Special Response Team (SRT)

The Special Response Team (SRT) is the department's tactical unit currently made up of eight officers. The SRT unit is activated when the risk of violence is high or has already occurred. These situations involve a higher than normal risk or one requiring special skills unique to a tactical unit.


The unit is comprised of those officers who have established a solid reputation for safety, awareness, conscientious duty, and dependability. SRT is a collateral assignment for officers who are generally assigned to our Patrol Division. The team is comprised of eight sworn officers, which include:

  • 1 tactical medic
  • 1 team commander
  • 6 entry officers

Requirements of Officers

SRT officers must meet rigorous standards of sustained physical fitness. They must maintain an excellent record of marksmanship with a variety of firearms to include handguns, rifles, shotguns, and the tactical employment of special equipment and devices. The unit functions in support of responding officers to safeguard the public and current or potential victims, and to apprehend violent offenders as safely as possible. The SRT Unit has been trained to handle unconventional and high-risk law enforcement situations.