Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigation Division

The Portland Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is staffed by a lieutenant and four investigators. Each investigator is a sworn police officer who has worked as a patrol officer before moving to the more specialized area of criminal investigations. In addition to the basic crime scene investigations, investigators are trained in evidence collections, crime scene forensics and interviewing and interrogation.


Detectives are responsible for investigating all criminal offenses reported to the police department. They handle misdemeanors and felonies including crimes against persons and property, animal cruelty and many others. They also work closely with other law enforcement agencies to identify suspects and solve crimes.

In addition to the typical criminal case load, detectives are also responsible for:

  • Crime victim assistance
  • Evidence collection and preservation
  • Media information releases
  • New application background investigations
  • Professional standards investigations
  • Public service presentations
  • Sexual offender registration

Case Flow

Once a patrol officer concludes an initial investigation and prepares a report, the case is reviewed by the CID lieutenant and assigned to a detective for follow-up.


The Criminal Investigation Division is commanded by the CID lieutenant who is assisted by four detective corporals. The police records clerk is also under the direction of the CID lieutenant. On occasion, patrol officers are temporarily transferred to CID in an effort to enhance their knowledge of law enforcement and provide the citizens of Portland with well-trained officers.