Health, Dental & Life Insurance Costs

Health Insurance

The City of Portland has a very generous health, dental and life insurance plans. The health insurance plan is offered through Texas Municipal League - MultiState Intergovernmental Employees Benefits Pool. The city offers a PPO plan which uses United Healthcare Choice Plus network of providers for "in network" coverage and can be utilized nationwide. Selection of health care providers outside the United Healthcare Choice Plus network is allowed, but deductible and reimbursement levels are less favorable to the employee.

Benefits At A Glance

2017-2018 Medical Summary of Benefits

2017-2018 Medical Plan Book

The prescription benefit offers a Medication Therapy Management approach. The program offers a variety of options for prescription access and out of pocket cost management.  Medication Therapy Management Guide

Dental Insurance

The dental plan allows participants to select any dentist without having to belong to a specific network.

2017-2018 Dental Summary of Benefits

2017-2018 Dental 4 Benefits

Health and Dental Insurance Costs

For the year starting July 1, 2017, the premium break down on health and dental insurance is as follows:

TMLiebp HealthCity's ContributionEmployee's ShareTotal Premium
Employee only$578.34$0$578.34
Employee and spouse$1052.17$350.71$1402.88
Employee and child(ren)$760.09$253.37$1013.46
Full family$1257.02$419.00$1676.02

TMLiebp DentalCity's ContributionEmployee's ShareTotal Premium
Employee only$28.44$0$28.44
Employee and spouse$50.12$16.71$66.83
Employee and child(ren)$45.83$15.28$61.11
Full family$63.93$21.31$85.24

Life Insurance

In addition, the City will provides $25,000 life insurance coverage for every regular employee. Employees are able to purchase additional coverage and limited coverage for dependents.

Optional Additional Life Insurance Rates

Cost per Month at this Benefit Level

Age$/thousand and AD&D10K20K30K40K50K