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2016 Appraisal District Maps
The San Patricio County Appraisal District is responsible for determining the taxable value of all real property in the county.  SPCAD provides maps to illustrate the basis for appraisal values grouped by neighborhoods.

To find your neighborhood data, locate and identify the map number for your neighborhood using these maps:
Use the Neighborhood Code Map to find your neighborhood from the following:

PE 100 PE 301
PE 600
PW 300
PW 500
PE 125
PE 350
PE 700
PW 301
PW 501
PE 150
PE 400
PE 800
PW 100
PW 400
PW 600
PE 225
PE 401
PW 101
PW 401
PW 700
PE 250
PE 410
PW 200
PW 402
PE 300
PE 500
PW 250
PW 403

The Appraisal and Budgeting Process

Taxing entities like the City of Portland, use the taxable value of properties to set tax rates and generate tax revenues. The City needs that information to establish an annual budget.  The chart below shows the process.

Tax process 1.png

The Effective Tax Rate (ETR) is the tax rate that would generate the same amount of revenue as was generated in the previous year.  Generally, when tax appraisal values go up, the effective tax rate goes down, and vice versa.

If the total appraised value of all properties in Portland were to increase one year, the ETR in the following year will be reduced so that it generates the same amount of tax revenues. For example, in 2015, the average taxable value of a home in Portland increased from $156,498 to $163,296.  That reduced the tax rate in 2016 from 60 cents to 52.9 cents.  The effective tax rate is a feature of the Texas Truth-in-Taxation principle that levels the playing field from year to year and allows taxpayers to better understand how their money is being spent.

As a tax payer, you will always know the true increase or decrease in tax rate by comparing the effective tax rate with the tax rate set by the taxing entity. If the tax rate last year was 55 cents and the proposed tax rate this year is 59 cents, you must know the ETR in order to understand the real change.  If, for example the ETR is 50 cents, then the real tax increase is not 4 cents, but actually 9 cents.

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