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Water & Sewer Rates
Water and Wastewater Minimum Base Charges 
Residential Meter Size Water Wastewater
0.625-inch to 2.0-inch $14.55 $28.15

New "master meter" systems (where many entities or units are served through one meter) shall only be allowed with prior written approval of the city manager and utility billing director. All "master meter" systems for apartments, multi-family units and commercial entities shall be charged a monthly minimum rate of $26.15 for water (plus usage as outlined in Table 3).
Commercial Meter Size Water Wastewater
0.625-inch $17.08 $34.11
0.75-inch $17.08 $34.11
1.0-inch $22.07 $45.35
1.5-inch $34.55 $73.44
2.0-inch $49.52 $107.14
3.0-inch $84.48 $185.80
4.0-inch $134.41 $298.18
6.0-inch $259.24 $579.09
Apartment complexes (five units and up) and commercial accounts on master meters will be charged a per-unit charge of $19.40 for wastewater (plus usage as outlined in Section 23-42). Multi-family units of two to four units will be charged $28.50 per unit for wastewater (plus usage as outlined in Section 23-42).

There will not be any amount of usage included in the minimum monthly bill. The per-unit charges will not vary based on occupancy of the unit. Minimum solid waste service for master metered units shall be established by the city, based on a projected volume of waste.

Water Usage
Water usage (per metered connection) for each thousand gallons or part shall be billed as follows:

Table 3. Water Usage Charges per Thousand Gallons
  Potable Water Raw Water
0 to 13,000 $3.20 $3.43
13,001 to 25,000 $3.26 $3.43
25,001 to 40,000 $3.46 $3.43
40,001 and up $3.72 $3.43