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Mosquito Control
The Streets Division is responsible for the mosquito spraying throughout the City of Portland. During mosquito season, the city receives spraying on as needed basis according to the number of complaints received and/or as per mosquito count by city personnel.

The City is separated into areas for mosquito spraying.  Spraying is scheduled to be conducted on the following schedule, although factors such as wind and rain will affect the schedule. Morning spraying typically starts at 4:00 a.m. and evening spraying typically starts at 8:00 p.m.     




Tuesday, June 20     None Scheduled - High Winds
Monday, June 19     None Scheduled - High Winds
Sunday, June 18      None Scheduled
Saturday, June 17      None Scheduled
Friday, June 16     None Scheduled
Thursday, June 15 3 & 4 AM Completed
Wednesday, June 14 1 & 2 PM Completed
Tuesday, June 13 3 & 4 AM Completed
Monday, June 12  1 & 2 PM  Completed


Last Updated 06/19/17 9:45 a.m.


Currently, the City of Portland utilizes two adulticides--Mosquitomist ONE ULV (the Safety Data Sheet is located here) and Biomist 4+4 ULV (the Safety Data Sheet is located here).

In addition to mosquito spraying, the city treats drainage ditches and the storm sewer system (areas of standing water) with Environmental Protection Agency-approved Altosid or Natular briquets. This is the most effective approach in reducing the mosquito population by killing the mosquito larvae before it has the opportunity to become an adult.

Mosquito Control Tips
Tips for mosquito control include the following:
  • Avoid outside activity at dusk and dawn during mosquito season (May to October).
  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Make sure that door and window screens fit tightly.
  • Drain all standing water.
  • Clean clogged roof gutters.
  • Keep grass trimmed.

Additional Resources
To learn more about West Nile virus, please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services and the 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) .

To learn more about the Zika virus, please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services

To report mosquitoes in your neighborhood, call (361) 777-4601.