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Inside the Communications CenterDivision Responsibilities & Services
Communications is the first point of contact for citizens who call 9-1-1 or need police services. Communication officers also serve as a lifeline for police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel in the field. Therefore, we look for enthusiastic, community-oriented team players that have the skills and ability to effectively interact with Portland residents and visitors.

Communications Center
Our state of the art communications operations center is equipped with a 9-1-1 System; telephone system, computer aided dispatch (CAD) software; radio system; and video monitoring equipment that allows us to monitor locations throughout the city.  We also utilize map locating services to visually monitor officers locations and have up to five consoles that can be utilized for emergencies such as hurricanes and other unforeseen disasters or catastrophic events. 

Communications Division
The Communications Division is comprised of a Communications Supervisor and nine Telecommunications Officers, sometimes referred to as Dispatchers or Telecommunicators.  During a normal shift two Communications Officers are assigned to the center, operating on a 12 hour shift schedule.  The Division operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Communications Officers  answer emergency 911 calls and non-emergency calls for all divisions of the police department.  Calls are dispatched via radio, telephone and computer automated dispatch (CAD).  Communications Officers process information through several law enforcement and emergency notification computers, handle various administrative assignments and disseminate criminal and non-criminal information to Police, Fire, EMS, Animal Control, Code Enforcement and after hours on-call Utility personnel. 

Our Training
The job of a Communications Officer is demanding, but all personnel are trained to handle stressful situations that may arise.   All are thoroughly trained on the CAD system, Enhanced 911 with mapping, telephone and radio operation and procedures, CPR, law enforcement terminology and in the use of numerous in-house and statewide computer systems.  All Communications Officers are Licensed Telecommunicators, tested and licensed by the State of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and must meet or exceed  minimum required training standards and education on a two year training cycle.  After training criteria, including certain classes and years of experience, are achieved, ascending levels of certification can be achieved with the State.  We strive to provide all of our employees with the most expedient training possible to achieve maximum certification as soon as possible in order to serve our citizenry with the highest standards of care and service.

Our Commitment to You

As a division we take great pride in providing superior service to the citizens of Portland as well as to the police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel that we serve. We are dedicated to preserving the life and property of our citizens and visitors.  We are committed to excellence in the delivery of our services and treat all people with dignity, respect and empathy, recognizing we are the vital link between public safety and the citizens who need assistance.  We strive to continuously improve through training, public feedback and teamwork.  By utilizing technology and experience we will continue to grow and improve in order to fulfill our ever changing community and all who pass through it.


Phil Regalado 

Communications Supervisor

1902 Billy G. Webb
Portland, TX 78374

Phone: (361) 777-4444
Direct:  (361) 777-4717
Fax:  (361) 777-4445

24 Hours a day