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Fences are designed to improve the looks of the property they are built upon, keep things in, and keep things out.  Fence owners are required to maintain any fence visible from a public right-of-way.  Notices of violation allowing thirty (30) days to correct the problem are given before penalties are imposed.

Reason for Regulation
Poorly maintained fences depreciate the property they are located on as well as surrounding properties. Fences that have broken or missing pickets can allow pets to escape and allow other pets to enter.

Repair fences that have broken or missing pickets, bricks, or are leaning. Leaning fences can fall at any time and may injure unsuspecting pedestrians. Refer to the Code of Ordinances  before installing or constructing a new fence or repairing an existing fence. If you have further questions, contact the Building Department at (361) 777-4553.

A person found in violation of this ordinance may be charged up to five hundred dollars ($500.00).  Each day that a violation is allowed to exist shall constitute a separate offense.