COVID-19 Updates

Case Counts, Local Updates & Closures

Current COVID-19 Case Counts
As of March 2, the State of Texas has recorded 2,297,878 positive cases and 43,266 deaths due to COVID-19.
You can see the case counts per county by visiting Texas DSHS Map - COVID cases

Between February 12 - 26 (a 14-day period), San Patricio County has recorded 35 new cases and 10 new deaths.
As of February 26, there are 43 active cases in San Patricio County.
        **The County only updates the COVID-19 case count on Fridays.**

As of March 1, Nueces County has recorded 37,856 positive cases of COVID-19 and 718 deaths due to COVID-19.3

As of March 2, the CDC has recorded 28,456,860 positive cases and 513,122 deaths due to COVID-19 in the United States.4

NOTE: The case counts and information are updated as the information becomes available. 

Local updates
San Patricio County Judge David Krebs has signed Executive Order DK-07 into order. This Executive Order took effect on October 6 at 12:01 a.m. To access a copy of this executive order please visit:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed numerous executives orders into effect. Please see the summary and links to the Texas Executive Orders below:

  • If you plan to host an outdoor gathering with more than 10 people in attendance, please review Gov. Abbott’s Proclamationthat amends Executive Order GA-28. 
    • The amended information from the Proclamation amending Executive Order GA-28 requires anyone who plans to host an outdoor gathering with more than 10 people in attendance must receive approval from the mayor if the event is within the city limits or from the county judge if the event is in an unincorporated area. If you plan to host an outdoor gathering with 10 or more people within the Portland city limits, please fill out the Event Request Form. Please note: Outdoor youth and adult sporting events are exempt from this mandate. 
  • Face coverings are still required by State law established in Executive Order GA-29
    • San Patricio County has not receive an exemption from this order. 
  • Additionally, Gov. Abbott's Executive Order GA-30 allows more businesses to open and expand services.

Many City-owned facilities have reopened and in-person services have resumed. Please note some City facilities and services are not fully opened, yet. You can see the details for each facility that has reopened on our Reopening page:

Closed City Facilities
- Portland Senior Center
- Bell/Whittington Public Library building

Stay Informed. Avoid Infection. Slow the Spread.
Learning the hazards and prevention methods for COVID-19 can help protect yourself, loved ones, and friends.

Texas Department of Human and Health Services - Texas Case Count as of March 2, 2021

San Patricio County Emergency Management - San Patricio County case count as of February 26, 2021
Nueces County Public Health District and the City of Corpus Christi - Nueces County case count as of March 2, 2021
Center for Disease Control and Prevention - US Cases as of March 2, 2021