Parking Violations

Vehicles are an important part of our everyday life. Where and how vehicles are kept can create safety hazards and affect the value of a neighborhood. Local ordinances and state laws regulate parked vehicles.

Parking unhitched trailers and recreation vehicles

Unhitched trailers parked on city streets are unsightly and can create a safety problem. Parking unhitched trailers on city streets is not permitted.

Parking on unimproved surfaces

This is often known as yard parking. Vehicles are not allowed to park on any residential lot unless the parking surface is improved.

No parking zones

Local ordinance follows state law in prohibiting parking in places that are marked by signs or curb markings.

Parking on a street for more than 48 hours

A vehicle or other property left unattended for more than 48 hours is declared a nuisance and may be impounded.

Parking next to buildings

It is unlawful to park within 20 feet of a commercial building. Designated as fire lanes, most buildings in Portland have signs and pavement markings to comply with this ordinance

Overnight truck parking

Parking vehicles with a carrying capacity exceeding 1-1/2 tons on city streets is prohibited.

Vehicles used to transport exlosives, flammables, poisons, etc.

With certain exceptions, it is generally unlawful to drive or park vehicles carrying certain dangerous materials in the city.

Parking over a sidewalk

A common complaint from citizens is vehicles blocking sidewalks. The Texas Transportation Code prohibits this and includes a number of other parking regulations over and above city ordinances.