Meeting Room Policy



(Policy adopted by City Council on January 4, 2011)

 The Activities Room at the Bell-Whittington Public Library (Library) was designed, constructed and furnished to facilitate Library programming, not provide general meeting space for the public (that is done by the Parks and Recreation Department at the Community Center). It shall not be used by businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, civic groups which lack formal City of Portland recognition or individuals unless the use (1) directly facilitates Library programming and (2) is specifically authorized by the Library Director.

The Activities Room at the Library may be used by City of Portland formally recognized civic groups during regular Library hours to conduct their meetings if the Library Director determines such meetings do not conflict with Library programming. In such cases, the fee to use the Activities Room shall be the same as the fee to use a meeting room at the Community Center ($12.50 per hour), however, such fee shall be waived 16 times a year just as it would be at the Community Center for City of Portland formally recognized civic groups.  

City of Portland formally recognized civic groups may also use the Activities Room free of charge when they enter a Patron Agreement with the Library. The Patron Agreement requires City of Portland formally recognized civic groups to (1) make a minimum annual monetary contribution of $400 to the Library or (2) provide the Library a minimum of 40 volunteer hours (authorized, scheduled and directed by the Library Director) or some combination of each. 
The Library Director is authorized to develop and implement rules and procedures to ensure proper use of the Activities Room at the Library in accordance with this policy.