Meter Box Maintenance

About Your Water Meter Box

Your water meter box is usually round, with a cast iron or plastic top and steel sides. Some meter boxes are rectangular and made of concrete. A very few are made of totally plastic. In residential areas, it is usually, but not always, located between the sidewalk and the street or in the sidewalk (not to be confused with your private, irrigation meter box, if you have one, which is green, rectangular plastic).

The water meter box serves two functions. It allows both you and the city to easily access the water meter and the shut-off valve. It also serves to protect the water meter.

Unclean Water Meter Box.jpg

Maintaining Your Water Meter Box

Meters that are in clear view and easy to locate can reduce costs of having to conduct re-reads. You can assist City water meter readers and the Utility Billing Department to be more efficient by practicing the following actions:

  • Keep items off of the meter box such as trash canisters, potted plants, vehicles and debris.
  • Trim the grass around the meter box.
  • Keep shrubbery and other landscaping from obstructing a clear and easy access to the meter box. The meter readers are unable to read your meter if any tree limbs are placed on the meter.

Your efforts are much appreciated by our meter readers and maintenance personnel. You will also benefit in the event of a leak by insuring quick access to your shut-off valve.

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