Home Escape Plan


Make a home escape plan for the whole family before a fire happens, and practice it with the whole family twice a year. If you know what to do ahead of time, you have a better chance of escaping from a fire!

Check Your Plan!

  • Does everyone know two different ways out of each room? The first way is probably a door, and the second way out might be a window or another door.
  • Do all windows and doors needed for escape open easily?
  • Have you chosen a meeting place out front where everyone will meet? You want to be able to tell the fire department that everyone is out safely.

If a Fire Does Occur

  • Stay out! Don't go back inside a burning building for anything or anyone. Let the fire department do that! They have the training and the protective equipment to deal with the situation quicker and safer than you could.
  • Call the fire department from a neighbor's house.